Since 1980

Paul S. Charbonneau, LLC

Fine Grading - Excavating - Land Clearing

Fine Grading is an art unto itself that requires a tremendous amount of patience and experience.

Paul Charbonneau The Graderman

I have been fine grading since 1980, during which time I have confronted nearly every type of job situation in the field. My customers know with confidence that if they hand a job over to me, that job will be performed within the strictest tolerances – within 1/8th of an inch when required.

Paul Charbonneau Fine Grading - Excavating - Land Clearing

Fine Grading, in most cases involving a product that must ultimately be paved, requires a thorough knowledge of what the "Paver" needs to successfully complete the project. The Paver requires that the job be set up and completed so that he can roll through the job efficiently. In addition, the surface must meet the compaction specifications required for that particular job and must not have separation of materials. This is controlled through proper watering, rolling, and final grading, all of which I must supervise and control.

With all these constraints, the job must be done in a timely manner to ensure that paving schedules are met. Through my years in this profession, I have never missed that deadline. If that means working "odd" hours, so be it! My customers can walk away knowing they will have high quality, neat, clean jobs, ready to pave on schedule. I push my jobs, including the people working with me.

Fine Grading requires extremely high quality equipment. I own a Caterpillar 140H Motorgrader. Caterpillar machinery is the pinnacle of heavy equipment, the ultimate standard to which all others are compared – "there is no substitute". My machine is equipped with a 14´ moldboard, front mounted bulldozer blade, rear mounted ripper, and Topcon System V Automation, now a requirement for Federal and State D.O.T. and Airport work.

In addition, my machine is maintained to the tightest tolerances possible and is kept in the highest possible mechanical condition by Caterpillar´s maintenance department. This translates to performance not plagued by downtime.

In addition to my Grading Service, I also do Site Work and Land Clearing, which I accomplish with a Caterpillar 977L Traxcavator. This machine has been somewhat forgotten over the years with the advent of the Hydraulic Excavator; however, it earned its reputation as being highly desirable for site work and land clearing. It is a perfect machine to excavate a cellar hole for a foundation, build a road bed or driveway, and load out materials on a site where a rubber tire loader can not operate. The 977L is also an excellent machine for cross country pipe work where, again, a rubber tire loader cannot navigate through tough ground conditions.

For small excavations and trenching, my Caterpillar 416B Backhoe Front End Loader is ideal.